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What is Counselling?

 WHY COUNSELLING   Human nature automatically attracts negativity. In modern days due to so much of pseudo professionalism and expansion of few needless mechanical advancements, there is tremendous frustration, depression and negative attitudes among people. Here comes the need of proper Counselling. Maximum problems in modern days are related to mental state rather than physical. Proper Counselling is directly related to mental development of  the concerned person. It not only enhances the mental cap
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Why Join us?

In order to understand the importance of social bonding and to realise the worth of our life, it is recommended to join us. By joining us you not on
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Everyone aspires for satisfaction in their career and satisfaction lies in numbers of things like proper remuneration, freedom of time, leave facilities and the favorable working atmosphere etc. people work for mainly two things – Money and Honor. In the career of LIC advisor you can find all the above things in abundance. But the condition is that you have join TEAM-1907 we provide proper input in the form of regular meetings, seminars and motivational workshops. There are so many facilities along with handsome income here in the form of different club memberships. A professional Read more

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